Our Services Campaign Tag And Tracking Management

We provide our clients with all the industry-leading tools such as Google Analytics, 360 Suite, Adobe Analytics, Webtrekk, and Tag Management solutions. By gathering comprehensive data through the entire customer journey, we give our clients insight into the performance of campaigns, content, and their buying patterns. This helps our clients establish a process of ongoing testing to optimize the conversion rate.

Bespoke Dashboard Development

Accurate values enable correct tracking and without correct tracking, the data you base your decisions on may be faulty, defective & damaged. Accurate tracking and precise tag management form the basis for any data-informed activity.

With tools like Google Analytics, brands have the opportunity to understand consumer intent, actions, and purchase patterns as well as what consumers do before reaching brands' websites. 

Display Campaign

At P1, we believe let alone automation cannot be an enabler to drive conversions. For us, programmatic advertising is an art well defined by automating the process of media buying. With our automation solutions at the core, we bring value to drive efficiency throughout the process to let the client view a clear differentiation of the outcome attained.

Technology today enables the media process by adding layers of data with the right combination of artificial and human intelligence and expertise of creative design to get you the desired results of your campaign. With our fundamental approach to learning and optimize. we focus on improving your results by bringing expertise from across disciplines.

Search Engine Marketing (PPC)

Pay-per-click is the heart of performance marketing, with our immense experience in the field of PPC, we know PPC is beyond number crunching and mathematics. Our experts take into view best-in-class techniques to devise multi-channel strategies that guarantee that your search engine advertising does not act in silos. Rather, they are fully aligned and inclusive to devise an integrated approach as part of your digital marketing plan to give you the desired output.

At P1, we unlock a true combination of PPC share within your digital marketing plan combined with a brand-building approach for sustainable results.

Paid Social Marketing

Social advertising is constantly evolving due to ever-changing, and robust approaches to market dynamic needs of consumers today across the marketing journey.

Paid Social allows the advertiser to fully understand each and every aspect of the social platforms, cautiously adapt communication messages across networks keeping in view of the habits and use of information and data points to target and retarget the consumers to drive conversions. In the onset, communication follows phasing approaches to not only orchestrate messaging but also ensures the right adaptations at the right stage to drive a holistic view of phasing which is, in essence, the true art of storytelling.

The most challenging task in the targeting is the ever-evolving customer, whose needs are dynamic and needs custom approaches to target them.

We strongly believe that social and display are two different modes of advertising and require totally diverse expertise in each medium. The knowledge we gather is beyond media buying, as throughout the process we collect data, that leads us to highly customized social creative approaches of what works, when and how paid social requires a completely different view in comparison to organic social.

Native Advertising

Native advertising lets the end-user with an undisrupted experience around whatever they’re reading or viewing because it blends well the commercial message within the eco-system by virtue of being ‘native’. In reality, it retains the tone of communication, the medium has, which is why it doesn’t look like an ad.

Native is always a winning move for a brand, as it doesn’t look forced yet communicate the message across. We know customers today like a bottom-up approach from brands than top-down marketing.

Native ads are more appealing because they’re less interfering or intrusive, and your core message stays intact throughout the process. 

Influencers Campaigns

We find the voices that are on your side, be it bloggers, vloggers or content creators we carefully look at the relevance of each influencer from the perspective of your brand persona, so that your brand influence reaches to the most relevant consumers through these influencers.

This combined with a bespoke strategy carefully articulated keeping your key messaging in mind. It gives you an instant result while harnessing an authentic point of view about your brand while building affinity alongside.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is being misunderstood with a mere connection between an advertiser and a publisher by establishing a link. At P1, we have mastered the science of affiliate marketing with deeper connectivity that guarantees results as per our set KPI’s.

If done right affiliate marketing is one of the most efficient ways of acquiring revenue, sales, leads, and customers online through a partner website. What’s better, with the performance-based payment model that you only pay for the results that you want for your campaign, be it leads, visits, sign-ups, orders or even sales.

We have a unique methodology of looping consumers with technology to unlock the true value of the connection.