Our Services Chatbots & AI Application

We help you identify a conversation journey that streamlines your query management via a smart chatbot and reduces choking communication in real-time due to an increase in demand, especially in heated categories or different time-zones. This not only improves your service level to customer queries but rather also minimizes undue pressure on the community management teams involved in peak times.

The clear winner is that your response time drastically improves, and gives you an improved conversion and a happy customer experience.

Conversational Marketing

We provide our clients with a solid strategy that gives them the personalized value they are looking for, with the technological base to boost their confidence on the bandwagon of conversational marketing.

We help our clients comprehend the stakes of conversational marketing. Our specialized teams of consultants, data engineers, data scientists, strategic planners, and media specialists, unlock a step by step approach to conversation marketing. 

Business Intelligence And CRM Integration

Business Intelligence is the core engine behind the success of our campaigns. At P1, we collaborate with clients through their first-party data with advertiser panel across media platforms. This helps us to dive into unimaginable insights that are actionable and require integration with your campaigns. This is how we gather information of audiences to build custom lists and drive better results one after the other.

Analytics also let us reveal with most astonishing learnings for future campaigns to not only optimize targeting but also our approaches of creative messaging to reach out the desired audiences.